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About Us

A Child's Place Preschool is...


We are a private school and while we believe in the christian faith, we have no affiliation to any church. We are dedicated to providing parents with affordable, high quality education and childcare, by maintaining an environment that is safe, enjoyable, challenging and conducive to age-appropriate learning. 


Our philosophy is based on the belief that children learn best when exposed to a challenging environment that offers a variety of meaningful hands-on activities and experiences. We believe that children should be allowed to explore their surroundings in order to develop a good sense of problem solving and decision-making. 



The curriculum, arrangement of furniture and space reflect the interests and needs of the children in the classroom. It is very important to meet the basic needs of children such as, safety, nourishment and rest, for them to be able to achieve proper levels of development, 


We strive to challenge children's creativity and to be aware and respectful of their emotional needs, and to support and facilitate their social development by providing opportunities for children to build positive self-esteem. 



We welcome and respect the diversity of cultures and encourage every member of our center to share their culture with us. 



We are facilitators of children's development fostering their social, emotional, physical and cognitive development for life long learning.

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